Great Motor Insurance Keeps You Legal In All Seasons

The thrill of the open road is something that really takes our breath away. Stressed? Go for a drive! Want to impress that special someone in your life? Go for a drive — to somewhere breathtaking, of course! However, before you can even get into your car you’re going to have motor insurance. Failure to carry sufficient vehicle insurance can cost you big time if you get caught and trust us, you’re going to get caught eventually. You will need to make sure that you focus on the bigger picture here rather than just focusing only on price.

You see, there are multiple benefits to having good car insurance. If you have good cover, you will be able to drive knowing what you are taken care of in an accident. Let’s say that someone hits you — you will be able to get repairs on your car. Without sufficient insurance, you will be paying for those costs out of pocket. While it’s true that you will have a deductible of some kind, you’re still not paying out as much as the insurance company. If you have 8,000 in car repair bills and you only have to pay 500 of it, that’s only 6.25% of the total cost. Surely you can handle that, right? When we only focus on price, we’re missing out on so much.

Good coverage is worth the price, and getting a car insurance quote before you commit to a policy is the best approach in any season. No matter when you’re ready to get vehicle insurance, comparison shopping is your best friend. Continue reading

A Free Car Valuation Lets You Know Exactly Where You Stand!

If there’s one area that regular consumers get ripped off, it’s definitely when they’re trying to buy and sell cars. Now, this isn’t to say that every time someone thinks about selling their car that they’re in for more than what they bargained for. However, there is a good chance of losing money on such a transaction if you’re really not careful. The best thing that you can do is to look into getting a free car valuation.

Now, this is usually a process that gives you the value of what your specific car is worth. Notice how we worded that — your specific car. This means that no two cars are going to necessarily have the same valuation. That can be problematic when you’re hoping to get as much for your car as someone else did. It’s really all up to the person buying the car.

Don’t lose hope though — the free car valuation actually lets you know where you stand, which means that you aren’t stumbling around in the dark wondering if you’ll ever sell your car.

In order to get started with your car valuation, there are a few pieces of information that you will need. The first is your VIN number. While it’s not 100% necessary, if you really want to shoot for the most accurate valuation, the VIN number is the first place to go. This will give you the ability to narrow down exactly what make and model. Continue reading

The cost of frost

The harshness of the winter is truly upon us with reports suggesting that the UK has been affected by the worst weather conditions in well over a decade. Up and down the country, frosty conditions and a heavy down pour of snow has near enough brought the country to a standstill. It’s hard to imagine why we haven’t figured it out yet, but every winter the frost and cold weather seems to take the UK by complete surprise and causes severe delays to transport and life in general.

If you can, this is the time of year to try and stay at home away from the cold. But we know you are busy people with places to go so if this is not an option, there may be a few things to consider. Driving in severe weather conditions presents a lot of problems for motorists to think about before setting off on a journey. The roads can be extremely dangerous this time of year, with icy roads, reduced visibility, deep snow and strong winds causing havoc for drivers all over the country.

Driving in snow storm

Take precautions before you drive

Before setting off on a car journey there are important precautions you need to take to avoid any unnecessary accidents:

  • Ensure your tyres are inflated correctly to cope better with wet and slippery conditions.
  • Use the right anti-freeze screen wash for frozen conditions to help increase visibility
  • A little squirt of WD-40 will prevent the danger of your door locks freezing
  • Pack plenty of warm clothes in case of an emergency on your journey.
  • Check with your insurance provider to make sure your car is covered against extreme weather conditions

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Saving money on Car Insurance

There are lots of ways to save money when taking out car insurance. Some websites offer cash incentives or vouchers and so it is worth looking for those. You could get cash back or money off this way, which could be very useful. It is sometimes possible to save hundreds of pounds by doing this.

It can be worth talking to your current provider and asking whether they can offer you something cheaper. It might be that the comprehensive car insurance that you are paying for, is not the cheapest option and that you are paying for features that you do not use. Discuss it with them, if you mention that you are thinking of switching providers, they will do their best to get your price down. Make sure that you do not lose useful features, but there could be things which you would rather not pay for, as you feel you would not use them. It can also be worth considering increasing your excess on the policy. Sometimes this can make a huge difference to the price, but consider whether you will be able to afford a repair it comes below the excess or whether you could afford to pay the excess if you had to.

It can be worth asking around your friends and family to see whether they have got any good deals, as you might be able to as well. However, you need to bear in mind that because your situation is different to theirs, they may not be able to give you such a good price. Continue reading

Car Lease Deals Savings You May Otherwise Overlook

Are you thinking about trying to save more money in your business? Don’t worry if you are — you’re actually in great company. There are plenty of people that are now thinking about alternative ways to get things done in the world of business that don’t require you to make too big of a sacrifice to see any progress. One way that you can net savings that you might have otherwise overlooked is to look into car lease deals.

Car leasing is often seen as something that’s just for individual consumers, but business owners can join in on the savings. It’s just a matter of looking around for what is truly going to be a bargain.

Contract hire & leasing all starts with figuring out exactly what type of vehicles you need. Generally speaking, the best deals come from volume usage, so if you’re only in the market for one vehicle you might want to wait until you have enough demand to get more than one.

Be sure that you look online at multiple places to really ensure that you’re getting a good deal that doesn’t have a bunch of hidden fees and stipulations. The best deals don’t just show up that way because of price — they appear to be good bargains because they allow you a high degree of freedom that just cannot be ignored.

One thing that you must also keep in mind is that you may find a point where leasing isn’t the best option for you. Work with a company that has no problem converting your contract into a full out purchase rather than just the lease. Again, you might find that this isn’t something that you really want to pursue but that’s perfectly okay as well.

What matters from here is that you are always thinking about what’s going to make a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. There’s a myth going around that leased cars just aren’t of the same quality as cars earmarked for outright purchase, but this isn’t true either. Test drive a few cars before you commit to any of them. You can also look through service records on request in many cases. Knowing where your vehicles are coming from is very important.

Don’t give up on the quest to save money while still moving your business forward. It can be done!

Important Tips For Selling A Used Car Fast

Ignore this warning at your own peril. Before selling your used car, acquire tips for selling a used car because there is much more to this endeavour than meets the eye, especially that of an inexperienced and aspiring car selling expert. There are rules and regulations that must be adhered to by the car seller if he or she wished for a satisfactory transaction. Do you know you can make a more satisfactory transaction by selling your vehicle through car dealers than directly to individuals? It’s more convenient, faster and cheaper. If you are wondering how to achieve this, read on.

The best way to sell a car:

Your primary aim for selling a used car is to get the best from the sales and one of the way to go about it is to avoid scams and low deals; a practice that is most prevalent in used car selling business. So, without further ado, below are some important tips you will need to get the most of your used vehicle sales transaction.

* Get your car ready for sales

This is the first stage that involves preparing your used auto for sales. The aim is to make it look good as new and well packaged to attract the best value. It’s all about packaging, which adds value to your car. The strategy here is to get a better quote/price for your car. You can get your vehicle ready for purchases by, cleaning the interior and exterior parts of the vehicle making it sparkle and attractive.

* Spiff up the engine

The state of the car engine will make a prospective buyer relaxed and comfortable about buying your car. So, before selling it put the car in an attractive condition. Continue reading

Having Car Insurance Can Save You Being the ‘Uninsured and Crushed’

Yes, that’s right. Having car insurance can save you from being the ‘uninsured and crushed’. The powers that we have put into place, a way for the law to impound your car if it’s found on the road without insurance, and take it to be crushed. It’s a new scheme that was put into place in Durham as of last spring. And to date, they’ve managed to impound over 1,200 cars, which were subsequently crushed into little cubes.

They call their little ‘legal thievery’ Operation Takeaway. It’s nothing less than communism. It’s puts people in a ‘police state’. It leaves people without rights, and is a disgrace. It’s a time of depression and recession, and they’re penalizing people for not having any money. It’s always been that way in the courts. If you have money, you don’t go to jail, but if you don’t, the jails are full of people just like you who can’t pay the ridiculous fines levied against them.

Once they impound your car, if you’re interested in getting it back, then you also have to pay for what they did to you. You have to pay for the curbside pickup and for storage. It blows your mind that government can get away with doing these kinds of things to people. But if you don’t have the money to pay for all these things and claim your car, then it gets crushed. They do things in the name of safety that always involve people giving up their rights. Continue reading

Reasons to Own, or Not to Own, an Electric Car

Living in an uncertain economy with perpetually rising gas prices has drivers looking for more fuel efficient vehicles. The first car that comes to mind is the electric car. Before purchasing a new car, it is a good idea to research the different types and models and consider the benefits and hassles associated with each car.

First, electric cars are not an ideal or even practical means of transportation for long distance trips. Rest stops do not have recharging stations. Since the charge on these types of cars only takes a traveler about 160 kilometer, or 99 miles, drivers will make little progress before having to stop to charge.

If the air conditioner or other features are used, that distance will be even shorter as the battery provides power to several different, energy hungry activities Another problem is the amount of time required to charge the battery, which generally takes between six and eight hours. Perhaps the most noticeable difference when it comes to traveling long distance is the speed. Electric cars are somewhat notorious for being slow.

If a driver will primarily stays in one place or will be doing mostly short distance travel, they really can’t find a more efficient car. Although the residence will need to be updated to include the car charger, electric car owners do not have to make stops at the gas station. Continue reading

What is a Turbocharger and What does it Do?

We are sure that you saw at least one advertisement that was talking about turbochargers. They are constantly gaining popularity these days and when we understand what they are and what they do, it is really easy to understand why this is happening.

The turbocharger can be defined as a device that will be attached to the engine of the car in order to increase its power. This is done through the pressurizing of the air that is fed to the engine. Most of the turbochargers will function in a similar way. There will be a fan that will force fresh air right into your vehicle’s engine. This will offer more oxygen and the explosion that is noticed inside the combustion chamber is going to be stronger. You might also be able to use a supercharger, which will do the same thing but through a different process.

The turbo will get the power needed to turn the pressurizing fan due to the exhaust gas that is coming out of the engine. The pressure is going to come from the exhaust’s fresh air side. This does bring in a couple of problems. The first one is that you will basically have to wait until the fan speed will be suitable to offer power increase. We should also know that you can be faced with problems due to the fact that the exhaust gases are hot. In the event that the turbocharger does not have enough time to properly cool down, you can end up with a lot of problems. However, there is also one very big advantage when using the turbocharger. This system is going to offer fuel efficiency as it will only offer the boost when special driving conditions happen. You cannot actually control when that takes place. Continue reading

Getting Married – Compare Auto Insurance Policies To Save Money!

Getting married is definitely an amazing time in anyone’s life. There’s so much promise in starting a new life, but there’s also a lot of things to think about. You never want to just run into a marriage without looking at everything around you. There’s no reason to do that at all. You just need to make sure that you have a few things nailed down — not many, just a few.

If you already have auto insurance, you might not think about trying to compare auto insurance rates again. After all, why fix something that isn’t broken? There are some strong reasons why you should make sure that you’re thinking carefully about the world of vehicle insurance. The biggest reason is that you can save money, but there’s another reason: things get serious when you become someone’s spouse.

You’re going to have another driver on your sheet, and you’re also going to need to think about how their driving will impact your policy. If they have had accidents in the past, you can expect a bump in your premium. And since your debts are also their debts, you might have some premium increases of your own that go into the pool.

Insurance is all about risk management, plain and simple. You are going to get some breaks for being in a stable relationship. It’s been shown that when we’re around things that make us calm, we tend to make better decisions than people that are deemed to have nothing holding them to a community. Yes, it’s a bit backward in today’s modern society to assume that all single people are reckless. Married people get into car accidents as well, but that doesn’t stop insurance companies from feeling that a married man or woman is going to be a much lower risk than a single person that seems to have nothing to lose. Insurance companies have to start form somewhere, and so that’s their logic.

What you will need to do is to make sure that you go online and start looking up not only the initial quote, but getting more information on a full policy. You want to know what’s going to be excluded. For example, if your spouse travels for business, anything that happens during those trips might not be covered by your insurance company unless you are willing to pay extra for the underwriting. It’s the little things like that which you need to look into — why not start today? You’ll definitely be glad that you did!